Fr Edward Prendergast undertook to build a hall for the community in 1951. The site was donated by the Sutton family and the first Stella Maris Centre was built. Sadly Fr Prendergast died a year later in 1952, just 42 years of age. His legacy though has been at the heart of the community life ever since, going from strength to strength to the thriving facility it is today.

The Stella Maris Centre hosts community services, meals on wheels, exercise & fitness classes, computer services, training and education, a hairdresser and a coffee shop.

The stained glass window at the end of the hall in the Loft was added during the rebuild in 1994. It is the work of Vera Whelan of Wexford Stained Glass Studio and was designed by then curate, Fr Jim Cogley. The design represents aspects of life in Kilmore Quay with a fisherman’s anchor and a ship’s wheel.